Do you answer YES to any of these questions?

  • Does the thought of money give you anxiety?

  • Do you need to change your financial situation but not sure where to start?

  • Are you beginning your financial journey and want to start out the right way?

  • Are you tired of not meeting savings goals?

  • Do you want learn how to make better financial decisions?

What Can You Expect From This Course?

This highly developed 4 week program educates and enlightens individuals about money matters. This course focuses on the beliefs and mindsets that drive your money decisions, mastering skills and strategies of budgeting, analyzing and correcting spending habits, and fine tuning the art of Saving.

This course is for you

If I told you that you were just clicks away from the perfect budget...

What would you say?

If I told you that you are in control of the choices you make with your money...

Would you believe me?

If I told you that investing in your own growth and success never fails...

Would you act on it?

You can choose to spend your money on something that will help your situation...

You can choose to invest in the future of your finances...

Are you ready to make the right choices for your financial situation?

If your answer is "yes", then let's do this!

If you have tried to write out your bills or track your spending, but numbers never seemed to add up, this course is for you. My template will ensure you account for EVERYTHING and compare it against your income to make sure it's realistic for your situation.

If you are looking for help:
Then you need to sign up! If you need help with any of those things, or ANYTHING that relates to budgeting, this course and the support you get from me with this course is FOR YOU!

What Other Students Had To Say

“The Budgeting Saves Lives course saved my life! It was so easy to follow. It was like she was telling my story and checking my excuses at the door! The struggle ain't over but Nia has definitely pointed me in the right direction! Thank you girl!”

Aja C.

“Nia at Perspectives has done a phenomenal job with the Budgeting Saves Lives Course! I really feel like she consistently over delivers in content and value. I appreciate the fact that she delivers her content in a manner that's easy to understand and relatable.”

Chauntel M.

Course curriculum

  • 01


  • 02

    Mind Control

    • Get Your Mind Right

    • Perspectives Worksheet

    • Busting Myths

    • Rome Wasn't Built In A Day!

    • Setting Goals

    • Goals Worksheet

  • 03

    Budgeting Works

    • Current Budget Analysis

    • Salary Analysis/ Calculate Income

    • Decoding a Budget

    • Annual Budget Spreadsheet

    • Strategic Budget Decisions

    • Needs vs Wants Worksheet

    • Develop a Budget Lifestyle

    • Gaining Momentum

  • 04

    Curve Your Spending: A Deep Dive Into Past Spending Habits.

    • Vice vs Value

    • Why Are You Spending?

    • Spending Journal

    • Learning that Enough is Enough

    • Spending Tracker

  • 05

    Super Savvy Saver

    • All About Savings

    • Savings Plan

    • Saving Techniques

    • Cracking The Code : When budgeting and Saving is Not Enough.

    • Sewing the Seeds of Success

    • Savings Printables

  • 06

    Next Steps

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

    • Congratulations!!!

    • BONUS - FREE BOOK: The 30 Day Money Challenge

About Nia

Thank you for signing up for the The Money Mastery Academy I'm Nia! I am Public Speaker, Certified Financial Education Instructor, Real Estate Investor, and published author. I inspire individuals to make better financial decisions. I take them from struggling and stressed to empowered about money so they can achieve financial stability.

Nia Adams

Personal Finance Educator


  • Workbook

    - Goals Worksheet (map your goals) - Spending Journal -Needs vs Wants Worksheet -Savings Plan Worksheet - Spending Tracker (ALL FREE INSIDE)


    The 30 Day Money Challenge is a book designed for you to take 30 days to focus on finances. From setting retirement goals to starting the process to repair your credit this book will help you make sense of your finances. Seize Control of Your Finances.

  • Annual Budget Spreadsheet

    Excel monthly budget spreadsheet to help you save money by calculating your household budget! This easy-to-use excel spreadsheet provides you with the necessary tools to keep track of your expenditures. No advanced math skills required! The formulas in this spreadsheet will automatically transfer to each month all you need to do is enter your bills and expenses and it does the rest. (feel free to edit them to your liking!)